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Salus Second Opinion Program

Salus Second Opinion Program

You have just been diagnosed with a medical condition.

You are surprised and concerned.

Naturally, you seek the advice of your local physician. However, even if you believe your local doctor is knowledgeable and well trained, perhaps you would like a second opinion from an independent and objective international specialist to confirm your diagnosis.

Our Salus Second Opinion Program allows you to consult with leading international medical specialists to confirm your diagnosis, review your current treatment plan and explore possible treatments for your diagnosed condition – all from the comfort of your home.

When you request a second opinion with Salus Medical Solutions, our specialists will assist you through the entire process. We will;



  • Provide a preliminary assessment of your medical records through our medical advisory board.
  • Help identify the most suitable doctor at a world-renowned “center of excellence” for your particular medical condition.
  • Coordinate communications between your local doctor and your chosen international specialist in writing, telephone or video conference whenever possible.
  • Provide your Salus Second Opinion Review and Diagnosis in English and your native language.

Maybe you are interested in exploring the treatment options available outside your country.

With the Salus Second Opinion Program you can access the latest research and treatment options for your condition through our experts.

Knowing your decision is well informed through our remote Salus Second Opinion Program, you can execute your treatment plan with confidence.  

Kindly submit your enquiry form and we may begin helping you find the peace of mind you deserve.