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Why Us

Quality Healthcare is paramount to us at Salus and is synonymous with our name.

Why Us


Our strengths determine the quality of the service we provide our patients and consist of the following  factors:


Our Surgeons

Salus Medical Solutions is recognized as representing global leaders in innovative surgery thereby bringing unprecedented medical standards to our patients.

We are an internationally acclaimed “Center of Excellence” in specialized Minimally Invasive Surgery in the region, providing access for our patients to receive the quality treatment they deserve.



When it comes to choosing our surgeons, we at Salus are meticulous at ensuring we work with true experts. Our Surgeons have been identified as experienced and knowledgeable specialists who possess high standards of professional excellence and ethical behavior.

Our Medical Board considers a number of factors during the screening and selection process of our Associate and Member Surgeons, including the following:

  • Knowledge and experience based on unsurpassed surgical performance.
  • Education and credentials, including white papers and involvement in groundbreaking research and development in their relevant area of expertise.
  • Renowned within the Medical Community for their accomplishments.
  • Committed to providing Quality Patient Care.
  • Must be in good standing with all the relevant governmental and non governmental bodies, in their country of residence and internationally.

As a Salus patient, you will be provided with a short list of no less than two Specialist Surgeons to choose from, for your procedure.


Our Procedures and Technologies

We follow our surgeons lead. They choose their procedures. They choose their technology. They simultaneously provide us with truly advanced surgical innovation.  Subsequently providing accelerated recovery rates for the benefit of our patients.

Our surgeons use the utmost precision and utilize the most innovative and advanced technologies available in the medical field.


Our Personalized Concierge Services

We provide a seamless experience for our patients by ensuring a professional, personalized and empathetic process, where expectations and requirements are surpassed.

Our Personalized Concierge Service is comprehensive and tailor made to the particular needs of our clients, taking into account any special requirements they may have. Prior to every patients’ arrival a designated staff member will ensure quality care and an unrivaled experience is planned and then provided throughout their stay, down to the finest detail.


Our Networks  

Because we attract patients from the United States, Russia, Israel, MENA and Europe, our network is international and continuously expanding. We work with a range of individuals and entities, including international insurance companies, governmental bodies, international medical institutions, facilitators and individual Doctors and Surgeons.


Our Location

Cyprus is at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and boasts a wealth of history and heritage. Being a full member of the European Union, Cyprus has validity and conforms to EU codes of conduct, thus providing peace of mind to the patient. Islandwide, our chosen associate facilities and hospitals are well equipped, offering medical experts and staff of exceptionally high standards. 

Travellers are not apprehensive about coming to Cyprus, as it is an established and popular tourist destination which is safe, with no political unrest.        

The island also enjoys a prosperous service-based economy, where English is widely spoken - a fundamental element for our success.                                                                                  

Because we are blessed with a mild climate and predictable sunshine almost every day, Cyprus is also the ideal destination to endorse recuperation for the patient.