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Partners & Associates

We attract patients globally as a result of the caliber of our surgeons and our vast international network.

Partners & Associates



We are associated with leading surgeons, peers within the medical device industry, international insurance companies, governmental bodies, international medical institutions, facilitators and medical tourism agencies.

As a philosophy, we at Salus believe that wisely investing today will bring a better tomorrow.


Every step we take is with the unanimous consent and support of our Medical Board ,Founders and Associates, as we firmly believe the future lies in Research and Development:




Research and Development

Salus identifies researchers with a proven track record of well-developed, useful, and often groundbreaking research. 

Academic Research Centers

Salus works with researchers affiliated with academic research centers. Responsible partnerships between the biopharmaceutical industry and academic research centers are critical to advancing patient care.

Professional Advisors and Consultants: 

Salus works with health care professionals to gain advice and input regarding best practice and how to continuously improve our services for the benefit of our patients. 



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