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Our Health Facilities

We follow our surgeons lead. They choose their procedures. They choose their technology. They simultaneously provide us with truly advanced surgical innovation, for the benefit of our patients.

Our Health Facilities



Every step we take in sourcing associates and products is with the unanimous consent and support of our Medical Board and Founders, including the choice of our affiliate Medical Facilities.

We have shortlisted a selection of reputable modern private hospitals and clinics located in both Limassol and Nicosia; offering exceptional infrastructure combined with state of the art equipment, complimented by their experienced and highly-qualified in house doctors and medical staff.






The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus

Opening in July 2013, The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is one of the largest private health care institutions in Cyprus and provides safe, affordable and exemplary medical services to local and international patients. The founder of the Hospital, Dr. Andreas Panayiotou, has deviated from implementing traditional operational practice and has successfully employed his own primary objectives.

“It is through adopting a philosophy of promoting creativity and education in medicine, whilst simultaneously focusing on best practice, that the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus offers distinction with a humanistic approach.”

The Mediterranean Hospital has succeeded in achieving recognition for its diversity and the specialist quality services it provides, fast becoming the leading specialized MIS Surgical Facility, locally and internationally.

The Hospital prides itself for embracing compatible collaborations, implementing flexible operational mechanisms and endorsing continued education and training for their physicians and staff. The exemplary infrastructure of the hospital, combined with significant continued investment in state of the art equipment, reflects the commendable adopted attitude of the founder for continuous improvement for the overall benefit of the patient.