Medical Travel Insurance

Standard travel or medical insurance policies do not provide coverage if a patient is traveling specifically for medical treatment abroad.

Medical Travel Insurance

There is a positive recent trend in that insurance companies are seeing the benefits of offering their patients international coverage, thereby allowing their clients access to the best possible health care.


However, for some patients this is not the case.

Insurance companies sometimes deny necessary surgery.

Some other individuals are simply uninsured. These patients are hard done by when they need surgery as they are not only paying out of pocket and are also vulnerable to other real risks.


The comprehensive insurance solution we offer at Salus is designed for these particular individuals and provides valuable benefits to specifically meet their needs.



“What if I have complications with my treatment?”

We have all heard the stories involving patients who had surgery in an unfamiliar country where they experienced surgical complications…. And they were left with faltering health, burnt psychology, escalating medical bills and no one to turn to!

Being one of the main concerns of anyone considering surgery in a foreign country, we have taken it upon ourselves to source the appropriate professionals who can provide this type of insurance cover. We collaborate with a specialist Medical Travel Insurance company who reduce our patient’s anxiety and allow them peace of mind.

The Medical Complications Insurance Policy is available to anyone traveling outside their home country for surgery.


“Why do I need special insurance? I have travel insurance!”

Standard trip or travel medical insurance policies do not provide coverage if a patient is traveling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. These types of insurances will not cover a patient if a medical complication arises and would cancel any travel medical insurance policy. Without the proper coverage there is a risk of incurring large medical bills and increased expenses.


“Global Protective Solutions program”

Specialty Medical Complications / Travel Cover


While the risks of medical complications from our highly qualified providers are low,  all surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications can and do occur.  We are proud to partner with Custom Assurance Placements, who administer the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) program.  GPS is the worldwide leader in providing risk mitigation solutions specifically for medical travelers / tourists.

Usually standard travel insurance excludes medical travel activities, and thus will not provide any benefits in all likelihood, and certainly no coverage in the event of a complication from a scheduled elective surgery.  Further, when a medical complication does happen it is usually the patient’s responsibility for paying the additional medical expenses.  By enrolling to participate in the GPS program, this gives you the needed peace of mind. 

GPS provides benefits and services for both travel related accidents / illness as well as a host of benefits in the event of a medical complication that is a result from your scheduled elective procedure.  It is the only package available that provides protection while you are in the host country as well as when you return home for a period of 6 months.  Travel companion coverage can also be chosen.

Ease your mind in knowing that you can receive outstanding medical care at reasonable prices and enjoy the added benefit of knowing that if there is a complication you are protected.


To receive a quote for coverage follow the below link:

GPS – Medical Complications Coverage Application


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